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A Note To Our Seniors:

First and foremost: we are so proud of you. We know that the past months have not been what you expected of your senior year of college, and yet you are making the most of it. That takes strength and courage in a time of such uncertainty. You are rising to a challenge that nobody thought they would have to face - but you're facing it. Be proud of yourselves.

We wanted to take the time to say thank you for being a part of this chapter. Your leadership, intelligence, friendship, and kindness have left a lasting impact on everyone who has the privilege of knowing you. From late nights in the 900 Richmond kitchen, to dancing with friends at socials, to serving (and eating) burgers and fries, to dance parties at recruitment, to studying in the basement, to Bachelor nights, and every single memory in between - you have filled our house and our chapter with light and love. Though we hate to see you go, we cannot wait to see you spread that light and love to others. Your futures are so bright!

And, of course, congratulations are in order! You have accomplished so much during your college career, and we know you will continue to do so after you officially graduate. The world is ready for women like you, and more importantly: the world needs women like you. Go show them how a real, strong woman lives.

We love you. Alpha Nu will always be here ready to welcome you home with open arms.

Always LITB,

Alpha Chi Omega - Alpha Nu

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